The Second Edition:

The original 1978 version:

Starships & Spacemen

Goblinoid Games takes you on a trek to the stars!

Back in 1978 the second sci-fi RPG ever to be in development was released by Fantasy Games Unlimited, Starships & Spacemen, by Leonard H. Kanterman. Inspired by many sci-fi influences, Starships & Spacemen trekked new ground. You could play a Tauran with a machine-like, logical mind, and adventure in space hunting for alien treasures on unexplored worlds. You might face the aggressive Videni who resembled Taurans in appearance, but not intentions. Against that backdrop one might reach an uneasy truce with the militant Zangids.

Fast forward 32 years later. Goblinoid Games has purchased the Starships & Spacemen property, and plans to continue these classic voyages today and into the future! The original core rule book is back in print through print on demand, and is available at our online electronic stores in PDF format.

Join us as we carry out missions in the final frontier. The Federation of Allied Worlds is recruiting. Join the Federation Space Fleet, explore exotic new worlds and make contact with alien civilizations!

Second Edition Now Available!

The second edition of the classic sci-fi RPG is now available! The second edition is compatible with Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future.


Core Rules at our electronic store


A free license is available upon request for third party support of Starships & Spacemen. NOTE: Unlike the Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future licenses, this license requires written permission from Goblinoid Games. Send an email to for more information.



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