The Rotting Dead Walk Among Us! pound the last nail in the board to secure the door even as the moaning and scratching becomes more frenzied outside. Honking in the driveway interrupts the sounds of undead hunger; peering through a window you see through the naked trees of fall that your husband, Ray, and the kids made it back.

"There must be a dozen rotters out there!" you observe in terror, as Ray leaps from the car, beating the dead walkers back with a tire iron to distract them from your two small children. The kids make it to the porch, just as one of the walking dead grasps Ray's arm and rips a sickeningly large chunk of meat out with its teeth.

They said on the radio that their bite will always spread the infection. You open the door and the kids scamper inside, but you slam it shut just as Ray stumbles up.

"Wait!" his voice breaks.

But you know he's already dead.

"That's how we'll survive." you think, looking down at your two sobbing boys.

"It's us or them."

ROTWORLD is a game of survival horror against undead flesh eaters; it is a role-playing game complete in one volume. The game makes use of the Pacesetter System™, featured in such games as TIMEMASTER and in additional games forthcoming. These rules contain:

Rules for character generation

Guidelines for creating unique zombies for your game

Optional rules to account for decomposition in zombie abilities

Advice for determining the timeline of societal collapse


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ROTWORLD Action Table

Character Sheet

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