06/09/2013: The official Pacesetter site is now up! link

04/21/2012: Goblinoid Games now publishing SANDMAN: Map of Halaal!

10/27/2011: ROTWORLD Zombie Horror RPG released.

04/27/2011: Goblinoid Games aquires the TIMEMASTER RPG.

04/26/2010: Goblinoid Games now publishing Starships & Spacemen.


We currently support the following product lines:

Apes Victorious

Labyrinth Lord

Mutant Future

Starships & Spacemen

Star Explorer


Pacesetter System™ Products

Visit the Pacesetter information page.

CRYPTWORLD: The new Pacesetter horror game that supports many genres of horror play.

MAJUS: Modern setting of magic noir and supernatural intrigue.

ROTWORLD: Game of zombie survival horror.

SANDMAN: Surreal adventure in a dream-like world.

TIMEMASTER: Time travel game. Protect the timeline!

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