Our Partners

Publishers of licensed products for Goblinoid Games properties:

Barrel Rider Games

ENCOUNTER: a free fanzine for Labyrinth Lord and Classic D&D

Faster Monkey Games

Henchman Abuse

James Mishler Games

Knightvision Games

Necrotic Gnome Productions: Labyrinth Lord materials.

Otherworld Miniatures: Official Labyrinth Lord miniatures!

Oubliette Magazine: a fanzine for Labyrinth Lord

Prime Requisite Games

The Savage Afterworld: Blog material and published material, primarily for Mutant Future.

Sine Nomine Publishing (Red Tide LL setting, domain rules)

Small Niche Games

Skirmisher Publishing

Vigilance Press

Wizardawn: Many free fantasy and science fiction resources, including fantastic random dungeon and treasure generators.

ZERO/Barrier Productions: fantasy RPG materials.

Friends of Goblinoid Games


Impressions Facebook Page


I've had the pleasure of working with the following artists, and highly recommend them for your old-school artistic needs:

Steve Zieser

Sean Aaberg

Mark Allen

Jason Braun

Jeremy Pea


Prince August: producers of fine miniatures, and a great range of miniature molds for home casting. Try The Dunken Company for a U.S. source of casting molds and metal.

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