Labyrinth Lord Society

Welcome to the Labyrinth Lord Society! The Labyrinth Lord Society is an international organization of people (and possibly otherworldly beings, but we respect your privacy and don’t ask for that information) who support Labyrinth Lord and/or Mutant Future and unite with this common interest. There are no membership obligations. Society members receive an electronic membership certificate that can be printed on quality stationary and a free monthly electronic newsletter. Additional freebies are available from time to time (electronic or physical), and Society members will have access to advance previews of products and playtesting opportunities from us and our publishing partners. Society members from nearby areas may host special game sessions and get-togethers, and conduct demo games at hobby stores and conventions.

How to join
Send an email to the current Society Organizer (address listed to the left) with the following information:

  • Your name as you’d like it to appear on your membership certificate;
  • Your permanent email address so we can reach you, and your home city, state, and country (your specific address is also helpful for occasional physical mailings);
  • Indicate whether you would like your name, city, and email address made available in the newsletter (we never share your street address) so people from your area might contact you about meeting up for games or other social events;
  • Please also indicate if you would like to run game demos.

Demo Team
The demo team operates within the Labyrinth Lord Society. We’re currently building an international team of demonstrators to help support and promote Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future. Demo team members conduct game sessions at conventions and game shops. If you’re interested in joining the demo team, please download and read the guidelines, and you may want to download our distribution flyer. Demo team members have access to advertising and support material, and earn experience points to progress in rank within the Society.

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