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    Hi everyone,

    to get the forum back into action again I want to share with you six random encounters for a campfire night in the world of MutantFuture(tm). Enjoy!

    01# Some hairy mutated spider crawls into the sleeping bag (or: under the blanket) of the character that currently guards the camp. An ability check vs. INT determines if the character habitually shakes out his bedding before he lays down for the night (unless this was already established by the player). When the PC lays down to sleep without doing so, he will get bitten by the spider. Should the character shake the spider out of his bedding, roll a d8 for every character in the vicinity. On a result of 1, the character with the highest result gets bitten by the roused spider. Ask for a Saving Throw vs. Poison against a venom class (1d6).

    02# Fireflies start to rise at dusk. They are few at first, but their numbers grow each minute till the camp is surrounded by a fog of gleaming lights. The fireflies will only disperse at the hours before dawn. Check for another random encounter, but the chance of a character being surprised is decreased by one, as a monster that closes in will change the pattern of the dance of the fireflies visibly.

    03# The fire/light source of the camp attracts moth and other assorted flying insect… lots of them! After about an hour, there is a thick cloud of insects and the air is filled with the reek of those that burned themselves in the flame (or: at the hot light source). The cloud will only disperse in the hours before dawn. Check for another random encounter, but the chance of a character being surprised is increased by one as those on guard are distracted by the flying insects that fill the air.

    04# During the night watch, mutated ants the size of a grown man´s pinky start to raid the supplies. The character of the current watch shift and the one on the next (if any) are entitled to two rolls on a d8. On a result of 1, they note the “ant street” in the dark. If the ants are not dealt with, the characters might lose 1d4 day´s worth of food rations.

    05# A fat grub, the length of a grown man´s middle finger and thrice the diameter, crawls out of the earth at the camp site, close to the camp guard. It is pale-green in color with long, wiry dark hairs protruding from its sides. While harmless, it might make for a midnight snack. If the PC go scrounging in the morning they may gather a day´s ration worth of food consisting of those grubs in the surrounding. Bu those are mildly poisonous (class 1) and a Saving Throw needs to be passed as soon as a handful is consumed. The damage of a failed Saving Throw comes in the form of serious stomach cramps and a gripping in the guts. Both effects (and the damage) set in over the course of the day.

    06# The camp guard hears a very loud buzz and moments later, a mutated bug the size of a grown man´s fist flies into the camp. It darts about and at some point, it will start to fly into the face of the guard, only to buzz back again. The bug will distract the character and can only be swat with a successful ability check vs. DEX. It is harmless, but annoying as hell. When swatted, a stinking slime is splattered about and the terrible odor will stay with the character 1d4 hours, robbing him of his sense of smell.

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