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    I don’t know if Rotworld has refined burst fire rules however I am a little confused about the design reasoning regarding defender modifiers to burst attacks in Timemaster and Cryptworld. Is this just a holdover from the previous editions of the Pacesetter core engine?

    From my understanding, an attacker using the burst fire option uses up 10 rounds and any modifiers due to defender actions/maneuvers are ignored.


    So a stationary target of burst fire is just as easy as one running behind cover. If I’m behind cover burst fire ignores it?

    Uh… nope!

    I’m not looking for Advanced Phoenix Command realism here (shutter!) however I do love consistency. It’s easier on me when I gamemaster.

    I suppose the simplest solution is to ignore the RAW but I’d love to read what ya’ll have observed over the years. Share any insights you have.



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